Changing people’s opinions is hard. There’s a better way.

photo by Guillaume de Germain

Don’t let anyone tell you that marches and signs and protests don’t matter, that they don’t change anything, because science shows quite clearly that they do.

Photo by David Mark

Science shows that principles are no match for money

“The odd American idea that giving money to political campaigns is free speech means that the very rich have far more speech, and so in effect far more voting power, than other citizens.”

— Timothy Snyder

How could my most extraordinary skill also be my greatest weakness?

But my clumsiness was a clue I didn’t know how to interpret

Collecting the diverse voices of autism

Submission guidelines and general tips

What kinds of work we publish

Some autistic brains do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes

I’ve been hiding my autistic stimming, even from myself

Out of the blue, a picture emerges

hereby released into the public domain

Karawynn Long

Autistic polymath reader & writer.

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